Easy to Follow Meal Plans

Easy to follow meal plans by Andy Hughes, Personal Trainer

Combining the Platinum body sculpting programming that I provider with the powerful bodyfat blasting meal planning, your success and results will come much faster than you ever expected! Whether it is your first time to exercise or you are trying to step on stage, your specific and personalized workouts will catapult you in the right direction.

My easy to follow meal plans are delicious and designed specifically for you. I design these plans with your goals in mind and use your age, gender, weight and actiivity level to produce the perfect plan for you.

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Sample Recipes

My Meals are Fast, Easy;
Low Calorie and Family Friendly!


Turkey Chili Recipe


  • HEB Texas Two-Step Chili Mix (Cookwell and Company)
  • 1 lb. of 99/1 Ground Turkey
  • 1 can of HEB No Salt Added Pinto Beans or 1 can of HEB Charro Beans
  1. First cook in a pan the ground turkey.
  2. Then in a large pot heat on medium-high the chili mix and the beans
  3. After about 10 minutes of cooking (stirring too) add your ground turkey
  4. Heat for another few minutes while continuing to stir... and you're done!

This batch will make enough to feed at least 4-5 people so portion it out accordingly.


Andy Hughes - Exercise, Healthy Lifestyle


I am a firm believer that exercise, clean eating and living a healthy lifestyle is actually for your mind, confidence and behavior. The physical end of this is the icing on the cake (which you can have every now and then). The program will help you sleep better, wake-up easier, work harder and behave better around family, friends and co-workers.


It’s not the weight you live,
It’s the way you live

Andy Hughes